Web Development Merit Badges

Badges originally from CSS Tricks.

Built an accordion from scratch
Centered an element vertically and horizontally
Exited VIM
Someone you don't know starred one of your GitHub Repositories
merit-badge-stack-overflow Created with Sketch.
Found an answer to an issue on StackOverflow
Renewed an SSL certificate without any drama
Had a neglected site get hacked and spammed
Solved a bug by taking a nap
merit-badge-checkbox-hack Created with Sketch.
Rocked the Checkbox Hack on a project
Comprehended someone else's RegEx
Gave someone useful feedback on a Pull Request
Debugged something for over one hour where the fix was literally one character
Told a client/boss "No, we're not doing that."
Wrote an HTAccess redirect that included a capture group
Quoted the exact number of hours it took to do the job