March 26, 2022

Avoid Using Else

I agree with this post from Freek Van der Herten. Avoiding else is one thing I feel makes for a quick win when refactoring code. I feel like if you want to add else you...


June 26, 2021

Questions to ask before choosing a static site generator

I wrote this "Questions to ask before choosing a static site generator" on my works (Ample) blog a while ago. Though, I had never added a link to it here. I outline some of the most common static...


June 19, 2021

Just How Niche is Headless WordPress?

I thought this post Just How Niche is Headless WordPress? on CSS-Tricks does a great job at outlining how Headless WordPress can be utilized. I believe for certain situations headless WordPress is...


June 13, 2021

target=blank (CSS-Tricks)

I saw this post (Originally posted on CSS-Tricks) this week about using target="blank" instead of target="_blank" earlier this week. I was amazed that I did not learn this...


May 30, 2021

No, Utility Classes Aren't the Same As Inline Styles (by Sarah Dayan)

This post (linked below) by Sarah Dayan is a really good take on how utility classes are not the same as inline styles. I believe the rise of tools like Tailwindcss has pushed the bounds of what is...


September 2, 2019

VisBug (Dev Tools for Designers)

I was listening to the ShopTalk Show a little while ago and they had Adam Argyle on talking about VisBug. It's a browser extension that is almost like Dev Tools for designers. I like the...


March 7, 2019

Laracon Online 2019 Notes and Thoughts

These are my notes from Laracon 2019 was an interesting conference and a lot of fun. I think you may still be able to buy tickets to access the recordings at It is nice being...


December 15, 2018

Testing mocked email in WordPress with PHPUnit

Before we get started this post assumes the following. You have some understanding of PHPUnit and using it with WordPress You are...


July 3, 2016

Setting Up Your Shell Configuration and OHMyZSH

A while ago I wrote a post on Setting Up Your Shell. I wanted to follow up with more information about ZShell and OHMyZSH. Since both have really made using the terminal a lot easier and more...


June 26, 2016

Setting up Mailhog on MAMP

Mailhog is a tool that allows all of your outgoing mail to be intercepted. This is great for your development environment since you may need to test things incrementally. You really do not want your...