June 14, 2016

Looking Into Statamic Flat File CMS

I still have not built anything with Statamic but it seems really promising. Even at $200 a license I believe it would be worth it. Well at least if you are working on a site for a business. I would...


May 16, 2016

St Louis WordCamp 2016

WordCamp St. Louis was held this year again at Washington University St. Louis on May 14-15 2016. Over all it was a good time I always enjoy going to WordCamps. I figured I would post my notes here...


March 25, 2016

Laravel and WebSockets

Working with WebSockets and Larvel is extremely easy! If you are new to Laravel it has an event system that you can use to dispatch events for other parts of your PHP code to use. As well as Laravel...


March 5, 2016

Laravel Forge, Digital Ocean and WebSockets

I recently posted an overview of how to setup Web Sockets using Laravel and I wanted to follow it up with a quick post on how to get the Web Sockets functioning correctly on a Digital...


January 16, 2016

Why Does ExpressionEngine Save Templates in the Database?

This is a little bit of a rant and a large amount of it may be a result of my inexperience. This is in no way saying ExpressionEngine is bad and something like WordPress is better. I feel it is more...


January 12, 2016

Quickly Install Applications on Your Mac With Homebrew and Cask

I have been having some issues with my work Macbook and I needed to reinstall Mac OS X. I like to do a complete restore every so often any way since I like to hack and play with things so there is...


December 24, 2015

Why Would You Use a Fixed Header?

It seems like I receive a request for a fixed header fairly regularly more than I should. I don’t really understand why you would want to fix the header of your site. So I figured I would layout...


December 8, 2015

Vue.js Component Messaging Continued

So yesterday I posted about Vue.js component messaging. This is in a way a continuation so you will want to read that first "Vue.js Component Messaging". I had suggested that firing an event off of...


December 7, 2015

Vue.js Component Messaging

The other day I was working through how to abstract an alert list into its own component. Basically it is an ul where each alert is a li pretty simple. So using Vue.js,...


December 5, 2015

Experimenting With Laravel and Vue.js

This is what I do all day long.