Dan Holloran
Dan Holloran 16 May 2016

WordCamp St. Louis was held this year again at Washington University St. Louis on May 14-15 2016. Over all it was a good time I always enjoy going to WordCamps. I figured I would post my notes here like I did last year just cause. I have added the slides that where available as of this posting you can checkout the full listing here. Some of the later notes on Saturday kind of trailed off because I decided to fix my blog after a few issues with Github Pages and Jekyll 3. One of the downfalls to Jekyll being so easy to write with being Markdown at its core and all makes it sometimes difficult to upgrade.

Saturday May 14, 2016

Plugin development 101

Optimizing Your Themes for Responsive Images in WordPress

React.js Powered Themes

WordPress Query Optimization and Best Practices

Code Review: Keeping Things Secure, Clean, and Performant

Struck By Lightning

Sunday May 15, 2016

Hardening WordPress, Again

Automating WordPress Plugin Development with Gulp

Podcast Panel

Why WordPress Works this Way

Casual AMA/Hangout/Networking/Closing Notes

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