December 5, 2015

Experimenting With Laravel and Vue.js

So I've been playing with Laravel and Vue.js which I have really started to like. It seems every time I have to write boring repetitive code there's already something that handles it for you. It's...


September 29, 2015

Setting Up Your Shell

So you want to setup your shell thats awesome! This will be primarily relevant to Mac OS X since if your on Linux you should already be comfortable with the shell and if your on Windows I'm sorry...


September 20, 2015

Don't Fear The Shell

So, I have noticed a rather alarming aversion to the command line (CLi) for developers. If you really think about it the CLi is not much different from a normal text editor. Sure it can be somewhat...


September 13, 2015

Installing Linters Atom

Atom is an awesome new editor built by Github it has some really good linter plugins. So we will go through the steps to get them setup and configured for Atom. The linter plugins all have some...


August 30, 2015

Installing Linters Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text is one of my favorite editors I have ever used and it has excellent support for linting. This will cover Sublime Text 3 only since the plugin used SublimeLinter went through a major...


August 27, 2015

Linting Your Code: Installing the Linters

Linting is basically the act of running your code through a tool that catches syntax issues, common pitfalls, and helps enforce a general coding style among other things. This does not actually test...


August 26, 2015

Base Environment Setup

I have a few posts in mind that require a few of the same steps so I figured I would catalog them here. These should be things every developer regardless of wether you are more of a front end or...


August 18, 2015

Has WP_Query Abstracted To Much?

I was working on a project recently where I ran into a situation where WP_Query, well actually it was WP_User_Query, just would not work. So I feel back to raw SQL through...


August 10, 2015

Setting Up a Jekyll Blog - Part 5

So now we have setup, tweaked, and styled our new Jekyll site. Now it is time for the whole world to see and admire our work, at least we hope they will. There is a large range of options in the...


August 9, 2015

Setting Up a Jekyll Blog - Part 4

So now that we know how to get started with building the structure of our site we can start styling. Since Jekyll is based on Ruby it makes sense that the preprocessor of choice is Sass/SCSS. I...