July 17, 2015

Setting Up a Jekyll Blog - Part 2

So we are already to write our first post. To create a new post all you have to do is make a new file in the _posts directory and title it YEAR-MONTH-DAY-title.MARKUP. If you prefer to...


July 16, 2015

Setup Vhosts in MAMP

Setting up Vhosts in MAMP is really easy. VHost is short for Virtual Host which is basically just a way to access multiple "sites" on a server. Instead of changing MAMP to point at the site you want...


July 15, 2015

Display PHP Errors in MAMP

Granted you never make any mistakes I am sure. However just in case you do you can easily enable error reporting on MAMP to help catch the obvious ones. All you have to do is edit the...


July 14, 2015

Setting Up a Jekyll Blog - Part 1

I found Jeykll fairly easy to setup not quite 5 minute setup easy but not to bad. Honestly I spent most of the time reading the documentation which is simple and excelent. I did want to go through...


July 12, 2015

Moving From Sublime to Atom

I try to keep a semi-open mind when I see a new tool like Atom. I had tried a few new editors such as Brackets which was really cool but still had some growing up to do. I also tried PHPStorm I...


July 10, 2015

Moving From WordPress to Ghost to Jekyll

So I had previously moved my blog from WordPress to Ghost. I really like the fact that ghost is a lot lighter and you can write your posts in markdown by default. For hosting a blog I almost feel...


April 4, 2015

Check Out Hyperpolygot

If you've been curious how one programming languages syntax matches with another then you should check out Hyperpolygot. I was kind of amazed how close Javascript, PHP, Python, and Ruby are on a...


April 1, 2015

Why I Decided to Use a Themeforest Theme

I usually get the itch to revamp my personal website every 6 months to a year. I tend to spend a weekend hacking away at my theme and I get about 85% done before feeling stuck. This in turn makes...


March 28, 2015

Easily Retrieve Browser Information

As we all know not all browsers like to behave the same. Also many clients just click the Big Blue E and do not know what browser they use. Such and such is broken in IE, Firefox, etc. Obviously...


March 22, 2015

What I Miss From WordPress & What Ghost Does Better

I started compiling this list when I first decided to switch from WordPress to Ghost for my personal blog. Just a short list of what I do and do not miss from WordPres, might help if you are trying...