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Display PHP Errors in MAMP

Granted you never make any mistakes I am sure. However just in case you do you can easily enable error reporting on MAMP to help catch the obvious ones. All you have to do is edit the php.ini in the MAMP directory /Applications/MAMP/conf/php{Version}/php.ini. If you're not sure what PHP version you are using you can find it in the MAMP at Preferences>PHP.

Just open the php.ini file in your favorite text editor like Sublime Text or Atom then find the line that starts with display_errors =. By default display errors is set to off display_errors = Off all you have to do is change the Off to On display_errors = On. Then all you have to do is stop and then start the MAMP server. The next time you have a fatal error you won't be greeted by the white screen of death.