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Using Trello to Manage Your Blog Posts

So I have been trying to get in the habit of writing more but to do that it helps to have a bank of ideas. So I do not have to sit down and try to find something to write about. I've really liked using Trello to catalog my possible ideas for posts to write. This has really been helping me keep up with at least writing a few times a week since I have a large range of ideas to write about.

They have a really nice and simple app so you can jot down quick ideas. It is somewhat of a todo app but it doesn't have that linear feel of a list. You basically have a set of cards in each main list. You are then able to add lists of cards to each main card. That way you can see multiple lists running in parallel. This helps a lot when you have a large amount of loosely related things such as blog ideas.

It almost has a mind map type of feel to it which I like. This makes it easy to add random ideas in a semi structured ways. I probably would not use it for a day to day type of todo though. I am a pretty big fan of Asana which we use at work. I almost used that but it almost seems like over kill for my needs in this situation.

Using Trello has made cataloging ideas much easier. Which in turn helps making writing posts much easier when I do have the time. Also it helps me not to forget good ideas for things to write about. If I do not write the ideas down they will usually be lost by the time I get to writing about them.

Here are some more ideas for using Trello direct from the Trello blog Ideas and Inspiration From The Trello Community: Volume 1. There are some really good other ideas for using Trello in there as well.