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What I Miss From WordPress & What Ghost Does Better

I started compiling this list when I first decided to switch from WordPress to Ghost for my personal blog. Just a short list of what I do and do not miss from WordPres, might help if you are trying to make the decision on which to use.

What I Miss

  • Scheduled posts
  • Large established community
  • Large robust feature set
  • Post preview
  • Plugins
  • Admin bar
  • Simple TinyMCE (Would be nice to not have to remember all of Markdown)
  • Familiarity (WordPress just feels like home)
  • Spellcheck (Granted it is not natively supported but Chromes spellcheck seems to be disabled in Ghost)

What I Don't Miss

  • Plugins (Ya it's a love hate relationship)
  • The dashboard
  • TinyMCE
  • Track/SVN
  • Being able to easily accidentaly publish a post.
  • Not being able to use cmd+s to save