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Why I Decided to Use a Themeforest Theme

I usually get the itch to revamp my personal website every 6 months to a year. I tend to spend a weekend hacking away at my theme and I get about 85% done before feeling stuck. This in turn makes viewing the site a chore which in turn makes it hard to blog. So the majority of the posts I have written in the past are about the redesign of the site. Honestly I no longer feel like my website has to have a theme built by myself.

So I decided to go the Themeforest route this time and short of having to tweak a few small things. Mainly the theme loaded 10+ assets that could have been concatenated other than that I found a theme I was happy with Anima. It had the basic clean styling I wanted, it is responsive, has Disqus integration which I've used on WordPress, social share features, page change animations and more.

So this time instead of putting all of my energy into a theme that really is not that important in the larger scheme of things. I can put that energy into writing and building other things I actually want to build. So far it has gone fairly well but it is just the beginning and compared to WordPress themes Ghost themes are extremely cheap. I am actually really happy with the decision it's really nice not having to worry about your theme. Since I spend all day worrying about other peoples themes.