My Setup 4 image
My Setup 4 image
My Setup 4 image
My Setup 4 image

My Setup

This is what I use to get work done. Inspired by






  • Spark - I love the automation features.
  • Alfred - Spotlight is good but alfred is just better.
  • Cleanshot - Makes taking screenshots and annotation easy.
  • Soulver - Math sucks 😔 Soulver makes it suck less.
  • Grammarly - For helping me write.
  • Google Chrome - My browser of choice.
  • Pixelmator - For any simple image work.
  • 1Password - If you're not using a password manager you should be.
  • Notion - So far Notion is my favorite note taking app.
  • Todoist (and pen/paper) - Ror keeping track of tasks.
  • Choosy - Allows you to open links like mailto:, Slack, Zoom, etc. in the correct application every time 🤯.
  • RunCat - Because it's fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.