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A minute with a Ghost...

I finally decided to take a look at Ghost, I primarily use WordPress in my day to day work and my blog has been on WordPress forever. I was looking for a change WordPress has become a little to much for just simple blog writing. I honestly love it as a CMS and for any one who wants as much control as possible WordPress, with out learning to code, it is the way to go.

I have also looked into static site generators like Jekell but honestly I am way to lazy to to maintain it and yes I know its fairly simple. I like how Ghost bridges the gap as well as gives me an excuse to play more with Node and Handlebars.js.

One of my favorite things about Ghost is the instant you login you are greeted with a new post to just get down to writing. Which is what you came for, isn't it? Ghost seems to be much more snappy than WordPress not sure if that is due to it being Node instead of PHP or if it is a lot less bloat. Maybe some day I'll stop being lazy and figure out which one it is.

I am looking forward to building my own theme right now I am using a really nice free theme Attila which is nice and minimal as well as responsive. It has only been around a week but so far I have no plans on going back to WordPress for my blog. Oh ya one last thing Markdown by default FTW every WP Markdown plugin just wasn't the same as built in Markdown.